What other services does The Estate Keeper offer?

Along with Home Management and Executive Relocation, The Estate Keeper offers a wide range of related services: Real Estate Buying & Selling, Private Service Staffing/Training (with translator if needed), Lifestyle Help Guide, Home Equipment Manuals, Home/Property Inventory (for insurance and legacy purposes), Property Management, and even a Transition Specialist to counsel and encourage family members feeling unsettled from the move.

Are The Estate Keeper Services just for Business Executives?

No. The Estate Keeper serves corporate clients, as well as, people from all walks of life. Our standards are high and we attract clientele that want the job done right, in the right amount of time and for the right price.

Is The Estate Keeper willing to handle the entire move from start to finish?

Yes. Typically, The Estate Keeper steps in once the boxes are delivered, however, we are willing to step into the process sooner, managing the moving company, as well as, providing oversight and guidance for the entire move.

What is Private Service Team Training?

Private Service refers to those individuals (staff and vendors) who work in the privacy of a home or estate; Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Nanny’s, Housekeepers, Chefs, Organizers, Landscapers, etc. The Estate Keeper trains current staff or helps to find new staff and trains them to function in the highest level of excellence. A translator is available to help with communication and training, as needed.

Can I personalize my plan?

Yes, we will discuss your needs and fashion the perfect plan and services for you. Your vision, your move, your success.

How do I ensure confidentiality and privacy?

The Estate Keeper team is trained to work in the privacy of your home, respecting you, your home, family, and belongings. As we move from room to room, we maintain order, peace, and cleanliness. Integrity and Confidentiality is key to The Estate Keeper’s success.

What motivates The Estate Keeper?

It is said, “Home is where the heart is formed”. The Estate Keeper is passionate about creating healthy and happy home environments where families, live, love, and grow – where PEACE resides”.

“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” Proverbs 24:3-4