Home Management Consultation

The Estate Keeper offers consultation by a Certified Household Manager to evaluate and design a home management plan to suit your needs and bring peace and order to your home environment.

We start by defining your vision and goals, taking into consideration the many people and variables that make up the story of your life. We examine your home structure and property. From there, we create effective and easy-to-follow household systems and standards to align with your vision, addressing all aspects of Home Management:


Personal Care

Let The Estate Keeper help you write a new chapter…

Your life just got easier.

“It is said, home is where the heart is formed. The Estate Keeper is passionate about creating healthy and happy home environments where families live, love, and grow – where PEACE resides.”

Heidi Cunningham, Founder

Training The Service Team

The Estate Keeper trains your in-house service team with one goal in mind… to bring vision, unity, and productivity to your home environment.

Training is available for housekeepers, personal assistants, household/estate managers, nanny’s, chefs, drivers, maintenance workers, landscapers… in other words, anyone that works in your home or on your property.

For example, housekeepers will be trained to work on your agenda. They will learn to follow the systems and standards of your home, along with cleaning basics, zoning, best products to use, how often to clean, time it takes, clothing care, closet management, protocol, etc. The Estate Keeper provides an interpreter if there is a language barrier.

Instruction is customized for each team member, individually and corporately. Individually, to evaluate and train according to a team member’s specific job description and unique strengths. Corporately, to expand the team’s thinking to see the big picture and the important role they play within that picture.

Building a healthy team in a life-giving environment produces a service flow that affects everyone in a positive way, and makes room for a happier and more peaceful household.

Along with being trained for their specific duties, each team member is taught the following essentials:

“The Art of Service”
12 Ethical Principles
Aligning with the Vision
Chain of Authority
Manners & Etiquette
Communication (in all forms)
Body Language
Problem Solving

Time Management
Organizational Skills
Mistakes and Taking Responsibility
Conflict Resolution
Personal Appearance, Dress, and Hygiene

As in all relationships, sometimes hard things need to be said. It is especially challenging when you have service staff working in your home and around your family. The Estate Keeper handles all of the touchy subjects and addresses problems head on, with tough love and kindness. We value you and your family and we value your service team. We want everyone to succeed.

Your life just got easier.