Housekeepers – Nannies – Family Assistants – Household Managers – Staff and Vendors that work in your home or on your property

Your home is your sanctuary, where your most valuable treasures are, your family and your possessions.
It is your safe place where you live and grow.

Home is where your heart is.


The Estate Keeper understands the importance of finding people you can trust to work in the privacy of your home. We assist in choosing and training your in-house staff and vendors, not only in the skills required to do the job, but also with integrity and honor.


Your in-house team aligns with your vision for your home. They are taught to work together and help to bring peace and order to your home environment. Education includes: specific job training, setting and following the standards of the home, protocol, and confidentiality.


As in all relationships, conflict can surface. Correction of any kind can bring offense and hurt feelings. It is especially challenging with staff working in your home and around your family. In a non-threatening way, The Estate Keeper specializes in mediating between the Client and the service person, with love, wisdom, and kindness.  We value you and we value your service team. Our goal is for everyone to succeed.

Building a healthy team in a life-giving environment produces a service flow that affects everyone in a positive way, and makes room for a happier and more peaceful household.

*Communication is so important, and for that reason, The Estate Keeper has Spanish Translators on staff for your Spanish-speaking staff and vendors.

In addition to specific job training, the following essentials can be taught:


The Art of Service
12 Ethical Principles
Aligning with Client’s Vision & Goals
Chain of Authority
Manners & Etiquette
Communication (in all forms)
Body Language
Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution
Decision Making & Discernment
Time Management
Organizational Skills
Representing the Client
Mistakes and Taking Responsibility
Personal Appearance, Dress, and Hygiene

And more…